Disclaimer: This is a recap, but mostly a rant. Enjoy.

I have a theory.

Molly lied, y’all.

Okay, so remember when Issa sent Molly to go to Lawrence’s job to get him to confess about how he really felt about her? To have him say with his mouth whether it was really over between them or not? Well, you probably recall that when Molly called Issa to tell her to news, the camera wasn’t on Molly’s face the whole time when she was telling her what he said. Plus we never got to hear their conversation, we just got what Molly told Issa.


I think that when Molly talked to Lawrence, he actually might have said that he wanted to work things out with Issa but Molly, in her way of trying to save Issa from Lawrence’s emotional dysfunction, lied and told her that he said it was really over.

You follow me? 

Sorry, I don’t mean to go all Conspiracy Theory Aley on y’all but these last two episode got me thinking.

Why is Lawrence all of a sudden so interested in what Issa has going on in her life now? After all the threesomes have dried up, after the thrill is gone with Tasha, now Lawrence wants to come crawling back? And why was he at Issa’s apartment last episode? giphyLawrence finds himself on Kelly’s Facebook page, which then leads him to stubble upon Issa’s page. There he finds a picture with Issa and Daniel in the background all heart-eyed at one another. This sends Lawrence into a spiral of profile digging, up and through Daniel’s page and now… he’s butthurt.

This is a pure example of when Insta-Face-Stalking goes terribly wrong. You see, you can’t go looking for something then get mad when you find it. Be real, we’ve all done it before, finding yourself in a rabbit hole of Instagram page, after Instagram page, just to see what our ex is up to: what they ate last night, what day party they were at, who they were with there, if they’re talking to so-and-so, how does so-and-so look, she ain’t cuter than me, I know he did not ju… and before you know it, 4 hours have passed and you know their social security number and mother’s maiden name.DH3SbkZUQAAmdEb Quite frankly, you can work yourself into a tizzy this with all that hounding for information and that’s exactly that happened to Lawrence.

Now he’s seeking counsel from his friend, Derrick, about his breakup with Issa and OMG, thank God someone else is finally reading him.

He’s formulating scenarios in his head about what really went on between Issa and Daniel: were they always messing around with each other? Even while the two of them were together? Derrick breaks in down to Lawrence like, look: yes, Issa was (dead) wrong, but it’s not all her fault. He was the one unemployed for 2 years, not doing anything, putting the load of the work on her, and that left the door open in the relationship.

To Lawrence’s point, all of that doesn’t give her the right to cheat, but you can’t blame her for seeking after what she was missing from him, in another guy.

I don’t condone cheating, I think that if you feel like you’re that close to committing adultery, you and your significant other need to have a long talk about how you all can meet each other’s needs both emotionally and physically, or you need to be single. But that’s one of the things that I don’t remember ever being discussed in the show: whether Issa ever talked to Lawrence needing to get a job or at least her feeling like she wasn’t being supported by him… before things got bad. Not when she had already seen Daniel and the seed was planted in her mind to consider the act of cheating.

Before you leave: Weigh in on this week’s episode of Insecure in the comments below and let me hear your thoughts!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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4 replies on ““Insecure” Season 2, Ep. 5 Recap + Hella Shook| @aleyarion

  1. Both Issa and Lawrence are at fault: Issa for cheating and not vocalizing that she was feeling uncomfortable in their relationship and Lawrence for not taking into consideration that his unemployment could spark a negative effect within his relationship with Issa. But we all know that they both have shitty communication skills, so I think it’ll still be a couple episodes before they even consider texting each other lol

    1. yes, yes!! precisely!! I think the writers have done an amazing job at making it extremely difficult for us to choose sides cause like you said, each of them are at fault to some extent for their crumbling relationship. they really do suck at communicating w/each other tho 😂like how y’all gone be in a relationship this long but still can’t talk to each other 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Girl!!! 😂 who knows 🤷🏾‍♀️. At this point, I’m #teamderrick honestly. His stating facts

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