Do your dreams scare you? 

Does the sheer thought of who you could become keep you up at night as your mind spirals into the vortex of “what ifs”? dreamer denim + red roof-2939Maybe it’s the fact that you could actually be who you think you could be.

Maybe it’s the uncertainty of the unknown, the fear that you may not reach all that you desire.

The bizarre thing about dreams is how they come to us in chunks. They’re choppy, ambiguous, and hazy, leaving us to fill in the blanks. There are days when I pray for God to show me a 1 minute clip of my future; heck, it could be a glimpse into “Aley’s Life” 42 days or 6 months from now, something! I swear, I feel like it would get me through these rough patch when I have nothing but my faith to stand ondreamer denim + red roof-2873dreamer denim + red roof-2887I want so much out of my life. I want to travel to foreign lands, meet various soulmates, eat good food, make a living off my creativity, and provide a better life for my family; among other things. Still, the question remains tauntingly dancing in my head: HOW DO I DO IT ALL??dreamer denim + red roof-2921Have you ever felt devastatingly motivation? As if your depression motivated you to find some glimmer of light no matter how pitch dark the tunnel is? Well, this is me, right now as a write this post. I know good things near, imminently, but I’ve come to realize that just like the coming of the Lord, no man know the day or the hour that their dreams will come true. Maybe they come true suddenly, all at once… maybe they happen year after year or even decades from each other.dreamer denim + red roof-2946Who really know?

Just be sure that you’re prepared.

Jacket: Honey Punch

Turtleneck: H&M

Jeans: Thrifted

Sneakers: Vans 


Photos by the amazingly talented, Taylor Jerry (IG: @t4y.10r)

Before you go: Let me know what you think of the look in the comments below! Do you struggle with your desires to meet your dreams like me? Share below, I’d love to hear!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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when i first set out to create my blog, i just wanted an outlet to balance my mundane college schedule. but over the years, it has become so much more. writing is how i process my world & the events that take place within it. through, i seek to help my fellow 20-somethings, like me, working to find light when their paths seem darkened and learn from my mistakes so i can save you the trouble of repeating them. is witty, vulnerable, and transparent, but most importantly, it's me, unapologetically. peace, peace, peace Aley Arion business inquiries:

7 replies on “My Ambitions of a Dreamer – In Style by Aley Arion

  1. I agree! I have a lot of dreams too, and sometimes I have to figure out which ones to follow! God guides me though! I love the blog post! Feel free to check out my latest blog post too!

    1. wow, that is such an amazing point, figuring out which ones to follow is a crucial part in not becoming overwhelmed by it all 🙌🏾 thank you for your notes & yes, def have to let God guide me, for sure! I’ll be sure to take a look at your post too 💕

  2. I’ve always been ambitious and sometimes I would always find myself planning ahead of God if he wasn’t filling In the blanks or opening the doors of opportunity that i needed to advance in life, the only time I ever thought of backing out was when I felt overwhelmed by my dreams, my desire to venture into different crafts in life, but I’ve come to learn that you have to Let go and let God and also follow his pace because God’s time is the best and if there’s room for an accelerated blessing it’ll surely be granted.

    1. hi Shalom! thank you so much for sharing. it’s pretty crazy how much i can relate to ALL of this! me trying to do things on my own and moving ahead of God has been such a reoccurring pattern in the moments where I’ve felt like he wasn’t moving quickly enough for me. from my career, to when my man is gonna come, it’s all become this waiting game that I’ve been working to get out of. but as you said, letting go of my life and giving it to God is definitely the key here, i don’t know why this concept is so challenging for me, but i know it’s something that I must put into practice, every day. thanks for stopping by and congrats on taking the steps to start your blog, looking forward to watching your growth! ❤

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