Things are weird in my world.

And as hard as I try, I can’t quite put my finger on the cause.

dreamer denim + red roof-3073

If my memory serves me correct, February through March have always served as a seasonal period of change in my life. Winter is still holding on for dear life, while I hold on to my youth for dear life as my birthday comes around.

To take you back to my world this time last year is to enter a whirlwind of epic proportions. I had just received my first “real world” job offer out of school and soon after, my line brother from college was killed in a car accident after we had just shared dinner at Hooters the week prior. At the same time, my move to the big city was quickly approaching and I knew my time with my family was coming to an end. I tried my best to celebrate my own birthday while juggling the grief from the loss of my friend, along with the grief that would come from separating from my home base days later. dreamer denim + red roof-3044dreamer denim + red roof-3060

*Note to my reader: if you’re planning on doing a big move, I  wouldn’t plan it around your birthday. It’ll be too emotional, spare yourself the turmoil*

Fast forward to today, and well, I report live from the midst of a very similar storm; not so much regarding grief, but more so internal battles with decisions that are going to require another level of pulling from my big girl pantiesdreamer denim + red roof-3013

My biggest fear is complacency and I’ve come to noticed that the forces of change come to interrupt my life whenever I’m close to sinking into the pit of it. Change is uncomfortable. It alters your sense of normality and uproot all feelings of contentment.dreamer denim + red roof-2970But I’ve also come to learn that normal is synonymous with mediocrity and comfort is the theft of greatness. If you feel like you’ve reached your best, you’ll never strive to do better.dreamer denim + red roof-3046dreamer denim + red roof-2952I don’t want to embrace this season of change but I’m going to. And I will do so with as much grace and fortitude as I can muster up within me, and look fly while doing it.

Graphic Tee –  Thrifted

Corduroy Jacket: Thrifted Slip Dress

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Timberlands

Purse: Thrifted

Photos by the amazingly talented, Taylor Jerry (IG: @t4y.10r)

Before you go: Checking in! How you feeling? Are you experiencing change in your world? Leave a comment below letting me know how you’re handling it? I’d love to hear!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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when i first set out to create my blog, i just wanted an outlet to balance my mundane college schedule. but over the years, it has become so much more. writing is how i process my world & the events that take place within it. through, i seek to help my fellow 20-somethings, like me, working to find light when their paths seem darkened and learn from my mistakes so i can save you the trouble of repeating them. is witty, vulnerable, and transparent, but most importantly, it's me, unapologetically. peace, peace, peace Aley Arion business inquiries:

2 replies on “A Season for Change – In Style with Aley Arion 

  1. Great blog post. I really needed to read this. I’m moving soon and I’m soo. Not ready to start over, again lol but I’ll make it through like always. I will most definitely share this post.

    1. so glad this resonated with you, love!! I wish you well with your move & hoping you get settled in peacefully. i know how a big move can be, but once you find your rhythm it makes you everything a lot smoother! thanks again for sharing! 🙌🏾💕

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