“Single Girl’s Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day”

“How to Get a Man Before Valentine’s Day” 

I mean dannnggg, the single person’s Valentine’s Day clickbait is real and makes Valentine’s Day seem like Armageddon. The common theme is that is you’re single, that automatically makes you that much more sorrowful come the day of love. But why is it that my singleness somehow heightens based off of one day out of the year.


I used to dread the 14th. To this day, I’ve never had a clearly pronounced Valentine other than the involuntary tribute from my grade school classmates. Since a very young age, we’ve been trained to believe simple formulas:

Valentine’s Day + Lovers = Extravagant Gifts/Flagrant Displays of Affections.

Valentine’s Day – Lovers = Misery


For a long time, I took this as truth. As the high of the New Year subsided, the anxiety of another lonely Valentine’s Day crept upon me like a dark loveless cloud. Then, 2010 came around, bringing us the platform that would change the way we view this manmade holiday forever… Instagram. Year after year, I would allow the 14th to be a day preserved for sulking about the whole in my relationship status, as I watched my followers share pics with their bae out for indulgent dinners and private helicopter rides.

Why couldn’t I have this? I just wanted to be “loved” like these people were displaying to be.

Then it hit me; I don’t need that anymore. 


Sure, I want a boo-thang who wines and dines me and displays his love/affection for me to the public; but not just one day out of the year. If that’s the only time this is done, then Houston, we have a way bigger problem on our hands. Love should be shown 365 days a year and not just because you’re in a relationship with a significant other. Your father needs love. Your co-worker who just broke up with their girlfriend needs love. Heck, even the bus driver that gets you to and from work every morning needs love. 

That’s why I’m saying to you, my single cyber-friend reading this, you already know what to do; you already know how to show love. And quite frankly, you don’t need to force yourself into a relationship before the 14th hits to realize it.

Take back Valentine’s Day. Don’t let social media or the news or your mother make you feel bad about your singleness. Your singleness does not determine your ability to love, and when it’s time, you’ll be able to give it to the right person, and they’ll freely, willingly, and openly give it back.

Before you go: single or cuffed, how do you plan on giving love today? What will you do differently this year to take back your Valentine’s Day? Share below, I’d love to hear!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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when i first set out to create my blog, i just wanted an outlet to balance my mundane college schedule. but over the years, it has become so much more. writing is how i process my world & the events that take place within it. through aleyarion.com, i seek to help my fellow 20-somethings, like me, working to find light when their paths seem darkened and learn from my mistakes so i can save you the trouble of repeating them. aleyarion.com is witty, vulnerable, and transparent, but most importantly, it's me, unapologetically. peace, peace, peace Aley Arion business inquiries: aleyarion@gmail.com

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