New York City is cold.

Like, cold-cold.

Like so cold that leaving the house in enter 40 degree weather should be optional. I’m talking teeth-shattering, nose dripping, making-your-lips-and-the-inner-part-of-your-hands-between-your-thumb-and-index-finger-ashy cold.

Okay, I think you get the point.


Because of the abrupt seasonal weather change, it’s time to bundle all the way up!

For this OOTD, I wanted to give you all a look into “Everyday Aley”. Ever since I made the decision to get a bit more minimal with my wardrobe, I pretty much live in all black errthang. Working with one color takes indecision out of the equation for those days where piecing an outfit together seems like an impossible task.


Also, hats.

I stay in a baseball cap. The one you see here has been my ride-or-die/go-to for the last 2 years. I love to dress it up and drown depending on the occasion. Not necessarily a fan of the Pirates, but do I really have to be? Do I?





Something about a turtleneck makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It could be a combinations of it’s neck heating design and ribbed texture that makes this possible. I paired it with high-waist jeans from H&M to continue with the relaxed looked. The ankle boots you see are currently a fall favorite of mine. They give a gentle polishing to this chill assemble. hat-ovcoat-boots10hat-ovcoat-boots12

Let me know what you think of the look in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

Hat – Thrifted

Turtleneck – Thrifted

Belt – H&M

Jeans – H&M

Coat – Max & Co (Thrifted)

Boots – Zara

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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when i first set out to create my blog, i just wanted an outlet to balance my mundane college schedule. but over the years, it has become so much more. writing is how i process my world & the events that take place within it. through, i seek to help my fellow 20-somethings, like me, working to find light when their paths seem darkened and learn from my mistakes so i can save you the trouble of repeating them. is witty, vulnerable, and transparent, but most importantly, it's me, unapologetically. peace, peace, peace Aley Arion business inquiries:

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