Sup Royalty,

You may be surprised that I, Aley Arion, the fly, fox of a fashionista that you’ve grown to love and adore is #TeamSingle.

Yes, it’s true.

Since I’ve started working in retail, I’ve found myself picking out swank fits for my imaginary boyfriend. Call me crazy… or a hopeful romantic… or crazy… but I have an inexplicable love for menswear and the dapper young gentlemen who know how to pull off their individual style.

Whether you’re a single guy or gal, cuffed, a cuffing season starter or just a person who appreciates the aesthetic of menswear, I’m sure you can relate to the pieces that I’ve put together for my bae-to-be. Check out my 10 Must Have Fall/Winter Essentials below & let me know which were you’re favorite.

    1. The Bomber: Whether it’s in army green, black, grey or beige, you’re guy is going to want to keep warm in a dope way. With that, nothing gets his sense of style across more than a bomber jacket. This bomber jacket, or MA-1, has taken on a modern spin from its original military style. Although it still upholds the same functionality, the don in your life will ooze confidence while rocking this fall staple.

      Image 8 of SUEDE BOMBER JACKET from Zara
    2. Sam Smiths… ClassicThese shoes are my everything and the way I see it, if you have at least one pair of these, you don’t need another sneaker in your rotation… but that’s just me. Pair these with your favorite skinny jeans, a graphic concert tee and leather jacket for the day or dress it up with some relaxed trousers and knit sweater for a fall date night look. 
      Image 2 of adidas Originals Stan Smith White & Black Sneakers
      adidas Originals Stan Smith White & Black Sneakers

      Horween Stan Smith Low
    3. Overcoat: Global warming is real, y’all, and it’s causing us to have hotter summers and colder winters. Now, you can run from this inconvenient truth if you want to or you can embrace it as an opportunity to bundle up with some dope outerwear like this overcoat. I say go all out and wear one in camel or forest green.
      Image 3 of ASOS Overcoat With Shawl Collar In Camel
      ASOS Overcoat With Shawl Collar In Camel

      image1xxl (3)
      Noose & Monkey Wool Overcoat
    4. Chelsea boots: Quite frankly, any man who knows how to rock a pair of Chelsea boot with the right cut of jeans could have my heart. This style of boot can be intimidating for some, but I encourage you all to give them a try. If you’re more bold, go for a camel suede, pointed-toe style. Want to start off more safe? I say a black leather pair may be more your speed.
      Image 2 of ASOS Chelsea Boots in Brown Suede
       ASOS Chelsea Boots in Brown Suede

      Hudson Black Leather Chelsea Boots
    5. Long tailored t-shirts: Let’s talk basics. The plain white tee has taken on a number of different forms; from the tight-fitting, rolled sleeve look of the 60’s to the too-tall “yep in my white tee” phase of the early 2000’s, so it brings me great joy to see that this wardrobe essential has taken a clean, more tailored approach. The long white t-shirt frames any outfit and acts as a great layering piece.
      Image 3 of ASOS Longline T-Shirt With Curved Hem And Raw Edges
      ASOS Longline T-Shirt With Curved Hem And Raw Edges

      PacSun Linen Scallop Longline T-Shirt 
    6. Turtleneck: Now we all know when that Hotline Bling… that can only mean one thing: it’s time to break out those turtlenecks. Some may accredit Drake for bringing the turtleneck back into the forefront, but I’ve been done with the look for the longest (maybe it’s the grandma in me). Whatever the case, a turtleneck is a must-have transitional piece to take you from the crisp autumn days straight into the frigid winter months.
      River Island – Dark grey Ribbed Roll Neck Sweater

      Image 1 of ASOS Roll Neck Sweater with Cable in Merino Wool Mix
      ASOS Roll Neck Sweater with Cable in Merino Wool Mix
    7. Bubble jacket/vest: I like pieces that are unconventional and a bubble (quilted) vest is a clear example of that. Blame my love for late 90’s rap videos but they had the best styling, and I’ll be the first to tell you that bubble jackets & vest have a place in your fall/winter wardrobe. Just put them over a casual long sleeve shirt or sweater to add a cool spin to your look.

      Patagonia Bivy Down Vest
    8. Black distressed denim: If you don’t take any of these other piece to heart, I advise you to at least cop a pair of black distressed denim pants. Not only will they bring a certain edge to your fall look, but these have a certain staying power that will carry you through the next few years. As we get older, it’s important that we begin to make smart investments in timeless pieces and these are a great place to start. 
      Brooklyn Supply Co Jeans Super Skinny Fit Washed Black Ripped Knee

      Image 1 of
      ASOS Skinny Jeans With Extreme Rips

9. Gloves: These right here are for those of you out there who are on your “grown man” hype. Most guys see gloves as a frivolous accessory, but when it’s cold… I mean cold-cold, you won’t have time to try and act tough. So grad a pair! I recommend suede camel or cobalt blue leather. But it’s totally up to you.

Club Monaco Camel Suede Gloves

Brooks Brothers Cashmere Lined Gloves

I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep in mind that the examples featured or just that: examples. I wouldn’t want you all to go out breaking the bank trying to get every item, just use them as inspiration. And don’t forget to share, like, and comment below which piece(s) you could see yourself or your bae rocking this season, I’d love to know!

You’ve just been served.

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