R&B’s rising vocalist, songwriter, and dancer has everyone asking: Who is Dougie Hendrix?

As a native of Florence, SC, Dougie Hendrix found his voice while singing in front of his home church at the age of 14. Nervous, Dougie was called up by has pastor to share a selection with the church body, “I was nervous as ever! But as soon as I opened my mouth, I had the whole church standing up.” And that’s when he knew he had a gift. But Dougie’s path to success did not come without some trail. At an early age, he began smoking and drinking with his friends because there was nothing else better to do; which lead to his first (and last) incarceration.  “My dad told me that he was not going to bail me, so I stayed in for a month.” Although he didn’t serve hard time, it was at that moment when he knew he had to turn his life around.


“I know that all of this could be gone at any moment, so one thing that I live by is Proverbs 18:16 that says, ‘A man’s gift makes room for him and will bring him before great men.'” This has served to be true, most recently being that he was able to open for R&B legend Carl Thomas. When asked to share his experience, Dougie explained how the night didn’t go on without some hiccups. “When I first got there, they couldn’t find my music, I had no mic, and my guitar player couldn’t get into the VIP with me.” But instead of letting these obstacles get in his way, Dougie carried on his act a capella; a tough move to make as a new artist in front of thousands, but one person in particular took notice: Carl Thomas. “It turned out that Carl Thomas was standing right behind me the whole time. After the show, he [Carl Thomas] invited me to share some Hennessy with him and told me how he really liked my music and admired how I handled myself under pressure.”

Dougie knows a lot about proving his self, which translates into his single, Show and Prove. The song was initially inspired by his rocky relationship with is parents and loosing his cousin after he, “committed suicide over love.” He says, “talk is cheap, if you really love someone and care about them, then show them; stop talking and prove it!” Interestingly enough, he didn’t like the song initially, but after being encouraged by his staff and loved ones, he pushed the song, and it’s had great success. He’s even released the official music video that he filmed in New York City, which you can watch below.

Dougie finds his inspiration in the youth. As a father to his 4 month old son, he shared how fatherhood has given him a new meaning to life, that has left him excited and inspired. Anytime he’s out doing a show, kids just seem to gravitate to him. “One time I was doing a show and this six year old girl came up me and asked of I did more music that talked about things other than sex.” This struck him and opened him eyes to see that his audience reached far beyond just teens and the “grown & sexy.” With this in mind, Dougie looks to release more music that can reach his expanding fan base, because at he end of the day, he’d rather have the kids by his side.

After coming in contact with BE Media in February of this year, the doors haven’t seemed to stop opening for Dougie. He’s been interviewed for Revolt TV’s Travis Ware Show, is planned to open for major artists this summer, headlined a three-city college tour, and was even one the opening acts for Chrisette Michele when she visited my university for the Pepsi Recycling Concert.


So who is Dougie Hendrix? Well, that’s for you to decide, but to me, he’s definitely One to Watch. Follow him on IG: @dougie_hendrix and Twitter: @HerDougieBuddy to keep up with all things Dougie Hendrix.

You’ve just been served.

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