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I’ve been in dire need of shoes that will take me through the colder months and beyond, and where better to look than ol’ faithful: ASOS?! Besides the fact that ASOS provides great quality shoes with a variety of styles to choose from, I can always rely on them to have functional shoes in my size. I wear a size 11, comfortably, and I sometimes find myself struggling to find cute shoes that fit my length-enhanced feet. Trust me, the first thing I do when I shop for shoes online is go straight to the size filter and select “11” and if they don’t have a good variety, I keep it moving! There’s no point in wasting time going through pages and pages of glamorous shoes only to be disappointed to find that the biggest available size a 10. Best believe I’ve had my heart broken enough, so I shop smart. What’s also true is that I’ve come to the point where if I have the money, I don’t mind spending a little cash on quality shoes that I know are going to get a lot of wear; and unless you’re going shopping every weekend, it’s good to treat yourself every now and again.

The first shoe that I ordered from ASOS is a pair EXHIBIT Ankle Boots in black. I loved the chunky heel with the ridged detailing; and they kind of reminded me of Jeffery Campbell’s Mulder Platform boots, but with a the cheaper price tag. I’ve worn them once already and I absolutely loved the height and look they gave me. I will say that it may take me a couple of more wears for me to officially break them in, but other than that, I have no complaints.

DSC_1255[1] DSC_1258[1]

My second order from ASOS was a pair of matte leather-look DEMONSTRATE Flatform Sneakers. When I tell you all that these puppies are ultra comfortable… goodness! When I first slipped my feet into these shoes, the insoles literally hugged my entire foot. When I saw these on the website, I knew they would become my go-to shoes since the black virtually goes with everything. The platform adds an extra edge and height to the shoes and I can honestly say that I’m overjoyed with my purchase.

DSC_1262[1] DSC_1263[1]

Which pair is your favorite? And don’t forget to share your go-to shoes for the fall and winter.

You’ve just been served.

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