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Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with an up-and-coming designer by the name of Dylan Decker. This young fashion guru is the creator of his own clothing line, Matte-Black, which entails a line of signature denim, crafted by Decker himself. From our interview, it was easy to conclude that Decker is definitely an innovator in his own lane and “One to Watch” for future success in the fashion industry. Peep the full interview below:


Aley Arion: Where are you from?

Dylan Decker: Born in a small town in upstate New York called Copake; been living there ever since.

AA: Who are some if your influences in fashion?

DD: I’m influenced by a number of fashion icons. I like to take a little from each and put my own twist on a silhouette. That being said, I am influenced by Kanye West, regardless of the hype built around him. The man does his own thing and has been ahead of the game; which is something I can respect as an aspiring clothing designer. Another would be Rick Owens. I’ve always been a fan of the oversized look and in my opinion, he wears his own clothes better than anyone else.

AA: Okay, I feel you on the Kanye thing; he’s been killing it from the start. But what got you into fashion?

DD: I’ve been interested in clothing my entire life but out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do until I was recruited to play baseball at a community college near me. The time I spent there was beneficial and the moments of solitary gave me time to find myself and motivated me to move forward with what makes me happy: the art of textile.

AA: So what made you start your clothing line and what’s the meaning behind the name?

DD: Honestly, it was never a goal to produce clothes for the public, but after making a few pairs of my own denim, I gained a lot of interest. I realized it was an opportunity to give people like me something to appreciate. Matte-Black is derived from the darkest color in existence. It stands out but at the same time is subtle; simplicity is key.

AA: It’s crazy how much meaning is behind a name! Are you going to focus on just jeans or will you expand into shirts etc.?

DD: Expanding into shirts as well as bags and more this Fall. Production is already underway and a model as well as photographer has been hired for the look book coming in June/July.

AA: Can a few samples slide this way? (lol) What is the biggest challenge being a new designer in the industry?

DD: *laughs* I’ll see what I can do. The biggest challenge I would say is finding the resources. I have so many ideas and would love to produce something more than streetwear like denim blazers, but at the moment I don’t have the resources available.

AA: Word, can definitely understand that. So what’s something you want people to know about you and your brand?

DD: That everything has meaning. Nothing I make is a mindless design trying to make a quick buck. I put a lot of work and thought into my concepts and hope the public will recognize that.


Be on the lookout for more from Dylan Decker’s line coming this summer. For your own pair of Matte-Black denim, visit MATTE– and follow him on IG: @randomwhitekid and Twitter: @pvyedinfull.

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